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The Top East Coast Ski Resorts

Winters on the East Coast can be unpredictable. They either feature below zero temps and snow accumulation that would make polar bears jealous OR mild 40's and a bunch of rain. This variation means that you want to take advantage of every opportunity to snowboard possible. To help you make the most of those opportunities, we've put together a list of ten of the top snowboarding destinations on the East Coast (in no particular order I might add).

Bretton Woods Ski Resort (NH)

The Bretton Woods Ski Resort is New Hampshire's largest ski area boasting 63 trails and 35 glades spanned across 464 acres. For multiple years in a row, Bretton Woods has been named #1 in the East for best grooming and snow. The summit sits at a cool 3,100' and there are 10 different lifts to help you avoid those damn lines! We blame the skiers...

Jay Peak Resort (VT)

Jay Peak in Vermont is a local favorite due to the high snowfall they receive and a very liberal in-bounds policy. The mountain sits on a 385 acres, 100 of which are glades for you adventurous types. The summit just misses the coveted 4,000 footer club sitting at 3,968'. Between the expansive trails, glades, and four terrain parks, Jay Peak offers a little something for everybody. 

Killington Resort (VT)

With 155 trails covering over 1,500 acres, it's no surprise that Killington is referred to as "The Beast of the East". The resort sports five different peaks all with elevations over 3,000'. You could snowboard here everyday for a week and not take the same path down twice. They also feature Woodward Mountain Park which serves as a nice little practice ground for those looking to elevate their park riding.

Loon Mountain Resort (NH)

Loon is another local favorite with 61 trails sprawled across 370 acres. Loon has a plethora of terrain parks with nearly every type of feature you can imagine. They even have a few "top secret" parks sprinkled throughout the resort. If you happen to stumble across one, do something cool, alright? 

Loon also has a variety of uphill routes for you motivated individuals who like to earn your turns.

Mount Snow Ski Resort (VT)

Mount Snow spans 601 acres with tree terrain acreage on all four mountain faces. That's right, you can actually go down all four sides. Just don't forget where you parked. Mount Snow is very blue trail heavy, making it a fantastic mountain for those who are just getting the hang of snowboarding. Take our word for it - the best place to learn is on the blues, not the greens. 

For those of you who already have snowboarding down, the real prize of Mount Snow is their Carinthia Terrain park. This is an absolutely massive terrain park that *checks notes* olympic snowboarders go to train at. It is definitely not uncommon to see someone bust out a double backflip while you're riding the lift up. If you're into terrain parks, this is the destination for you. 

Okemo Ski Resort (VT)

Okemo boasts 121 trails, comprised of both slopes and glades, spanned over 632 acres. They make snow on 98% of their terrain which is exactly what you want for these erratic East Coast winters. Okemo is an extremely spread out mountain, which in addition to their 20 lifts, makes it great location for avoiding lines and also "losing" that fringe friend that somehow keeps getting invited on the snowboarding trips...

Stowe Mountain Resort (VT)

If you ask east coasters about their favorite mountain, the majority are going to tell you Stowe. Stowe just has about everything going for it between the breathtaking terrain, nearly 4,400' summit, 116 trails, two parks, and a downtown area that you're girlfriend will absolutely love. Stowe truly does just have a certain energy about it. If you're planning a weekend getaway, this resort is definitely worth considering.

Sugarloaf Mountain (ME)

Located in the heart of the Carrabasset Valley, Sugarloaf offers 162 trails and glades sprawled across 1,240 acres. Standing at an impressive 4,237' tall, Sugarloaf offers the only lift-serviced above-treeline terrain in the East. If you're into shredding up the glades, this is the mountain for you. There are over 100 acres of named glades and an impressive 1,000 additional glade acreage on their side country terrain.

Sunday River Resort (ME)

Combining eight peaks, award winning snowmaking capabilities, and a liberal "boundary-to-boundary" policy makes Sunday River one of the more fun mountains in the east. This is the type of resort where you can bring a large group and there will be something for everyone. You like glades? It's got them. You want to blast down 53 miles of trails? They've got you covered. Oh you're more of a park type? Try the 35-acre dedicated park trail or one of the four parks. You won't be disappointed spending one of your coveted east coast days at this resort.

Whiteface Mountain (NY)

Whiteface is home to the greatest vertical drop east of the Rockies, with 94 trails stretching 25 miles. The resort is comprised of three peaks, of which the summit (part of the Adirondack Mountain high peaks) stands at almost 5,000' in elevation. Whiteface is known for their infamous "Slides" a series of steep and narrow shoots deemed to be true double-black diamonds. In one area of the slides, you actually go over a frozen waterfall. If you thrive off of adrenaline rushes, then the Slides at Whiteface Mountain definitely need to be on your list.

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