Snowboard Wax

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250g snowboard wax bar allowing for faster speeds and increased board longevity. Waxes come in four different colors, each suitable for different temps and riding conditions.

Applicable Environment: All temperature
Iron Temp: 230°F / 110° C 
Applicable Environment: 28°F to 50°F / -2°C to 10°C
Iron Temp: 212°F or 100° C 
Applicable Environment: 17°F to 32°F / -8°C to 0°C
Iron Temp: 239°F or 115° C 
Applicable Environment: -13°F to 17°F / -25°C to -8°C
Iron Temp: 257°F or 125° C 

Due to popular demand, this product takes between 20 and 30 days to arrive.