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The Venture Syndicate

Edge Tuning Kit

Edge Tuning Kit

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Whether you're tuning or detuning your edges, this is the kit for you.

Our edge tuning kit comes in three variants:

  1. Full Kit: Side and Base Edge File + Diamond Files + Rubber Stone
  2. Half Kit: Side and Base Edge File + Diamond Files
  3. Edge Tuner Only Side and Base Edge File

Product Details

Side Angles: 86°, 87°, 88°, and 89°

Base Angles: 0.5° and 1°

Diamond Files:
240 Grit - Used for removing case hardening from rock damage
500 Grit - Used to maintain a smooth and sharp edge
1000 Grit - Used for the final polish to give you a smooth mirror finish

Rubber Stone: Used for prepping an edge, deburring as the final step in edge sharpening, or detuning

Size Guide

3.25" x 1"

2.75" x 1"

2" x 1.5" x 0.75"

Shipping & Returns

Product ships within 48 hours of order.

Due to popular demand, please allow 20 to 30 days for this product to arrive.

Please refer to our shipping and refund policies for more information.

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